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A short history


Vasvári Pál Secondary Technical School of Economics and IT is a member of the Szeged Center for Vocational Education and Training .

Our school is more than 100 years old, it was founded in 1904 as a state upper-level secondary school of commerce and trade. Teaching started with a student body of 150. In the following decades, the school went through several changes: a permanent fluctuation of the student body, multiple moves to different school buildings and its name was altered many times. The school moved to its present site, to 11 Gutenberg Street in 1968. In 1988 the school was renamed after Pál Vasvári, a young revolutionist and hero of the Hungarian Revolution and war of independence of 1848. The school building was extended in 2005 during a major renovation and reconstruction and it became one of the most modern educational facilities in Szeged.


Educational programmes


Our secondary technical school offers a 5-year learning programme of both general and professional development from grades 9 through 13. Currently, our students can specialize in the fields of economics, IT and (business) administration. The school offers full-time and evening courses. Our curriculum successfully prepares students for school leaving exams and further studies in different fields of higher education. Our students can choose from one of the following programmes: the language preparatory training, software development and testing, business administration or foreign language industrial and commercial technician trainings. At the end of the programme, students can gain the professional technical diploma corresponding to their trainings.  At the end of year 12, students are given the possibility to take school leaving exams from 3 subjects whereas year 13 focuses on preparing for the school leaving examination and earning the professional technical diploma.



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